Project to record the complete works of Antonino Reggio


            Through the generous patronage of His Grace the Bishop of Acireale together with important
            institutiions in Sicilya project has been set up to record the complete works of Antonino Reggio.

             The recording will be produced in Sicily under the diection of Dr Diego Cannizzaro, a distiguished
             keyboard performer and expert on early Sicilian organs. 

           The post  production work, the copying, producion of the inserts etc will be carried out by the Fondazione             Antonino Reggio, in Malta,

           For this project to succeed it will be necessary to solicit sponsorship for the post recording work.  
           This project has been set bup to enable donations to be made to help with this important addition
            to the musical world.


            What is in it for me?

                This is what people will ask. Well, most people do require a return on their
                investment. I cannot  hope for many philanthropists out there to sponsor this project  Therefore, I am
                offering some 'returns' on your 'investment':

            Donations can be anything from Euro 1 to..., well, no limit!

                Rewards (minimum amounts)                                                                                                                       

                10 euro: our sincere thanks and 50% off any CD or any publication from the current catalogue              

                15 euro: any one cd or publication from the current catalogue                                                                  

.                20 euro: any two cds or publications from the catalogue                                                                           

                30 euro: any three cds,or publications from the catalogue                                                                         

                50 euro: five cds,or publications from the catalogue                                                                                   

                100 euro: complete set of cds.                                                                                                                   

                more: talk to us!                                                                                                                                          

    A regular update will be issued on this website, Facebook and Twitter on a  regualr basis.

    Donations can be made via PAYPAL by simply clicking on the DONATE NOW button. Do not forget to put your          name and contact details.


    All donations,will be used for this project. I will be keeping a  full account of all 'donations' which will be available
    upon, a reasonable, request by any of the donors.


Anthony Hart

October 2014



                                                                         List of Sponsors:

                              Dan Larson - Gamut strings - USA
                              Clive Dickenson - Australia
                              Franco Reggio d'Aci - Italy
                              Tom Fillingeri -  USA
                              Alfred Camilleri - Exalta Consultants - Malta


Issue 4 01/10/2014